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Newman, McDonough, Schofel & Giger, P.C. serves clients throughout Northern and Central New Jersey. Offices are conveniently located and easily accessible from areas in Bergen, Hudson, Hunterdon, Essex, Union, Morris, Middlesex, Monmouth, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex and Warren Counties.

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5.0 / 5.0

I have worked with a lot of attorneys before and have found working with Linda to be a pleasure. She is extremely responsive and compassionate. She went the extra mile for us. I can;t reccomend her highluy enough

— Client 06/10/2020

5.0 / 5.0

In a practice area filled with jaded, pessimistic lawyers for whom the allegedly paramount goal of acting in the best interests of the child is too often only paid lip service (and frequently ignored in favor of furthering the personal vendettas of those lawyers' clients against their former spouses), Linda Schofel stands as a beacon of hope and integrity. Linda is responsive, insightful, effective and, most importantly, she cares. With both a mental health and divorce litigation background Linda effectively advocates for her clients' (and their children's) best interests. As the Guardian ad Litem appointed on behalf of my children, Linda (without gender bias!) was able to see the harm that was being done to them by my ex-spouse and effectively helped to limit their suffering. I shudder to think where my children would be today without the good fortune of having had Linda appointed as their Guardian ad Litem. I give Linda an 11 out of 10 stars.

— Client 02/21/2020

5.0 / 5.0

Ms. Schofel is responsive, caring and deeply concerned about the child's best interests. She is fair, unbiased and takes into account everyone's needs. She has a special ability to negotiate a compromise even in the most adversarial situations. She is highly gifted in conflict resolution and I would very much recommend her as a parent coordinator.

— Client 08/02/2018

5.0 / 5.0

If I have to describe Ms. Schofel’s one main quality, it will be her being a passionate advocate of the children’s best interests. The only side she takes is the side of the children who are the innocent victims in the war between the parents. For more than three years Ms. Schofel has been the parenting coordinator in my case. I can say without hesitation that her involvement has been invaluable for the wellbeing of my children, for which I will be forever grateful. Thank you, Linda.

— Client 04/26/2018

5.0 / 5.0

Linda has been my court appointed parenting coordinator for nearly 10 years. Unfortunately, it was necessary to engage her services multiple times to sort out parenting issues. Linda always has the child's best interest front and center. She is attentive, accessible, balanced and creative in finding compromises. She has dealt with adversity and difficulty professionally and objectively. I highly recommend Linda without reservation.

— Client 02/12/2017

5.0 / 5.0

Linda is a gift to the Family Law profession! She deftly helped heal my co-parenting relationship such that it is now a professional and respectful one. And our children have been the biggest beneficiaries of that. If you need a Parenting Coordinator, there’s no one better than Linda. She is compassionate, insightful, knowledgeable, experienced, and cares deeply about the children for whom she is the true (and biggest) advocate.

— Client 06/27/2016

5.0 / 5.0

Linda Schofel has been my ex-wife's and my parenting coordinator for the past two years. With her help, my co-parent and I get along very well now and more importantly, we both have great relationships with our son and daughter. Ms. Schofel's knowlege of family law and mental health issues has been invaluable.. She is extremely intelligent, compassionate, patient,insightful and fair-minded. She has an uncanny ability to see both sides of an issue. I recommend her highly.

— Client 07/04/2014

5.0 / 5.0

During a stressful custody battle with my husband and after resisting the services of a parent coordinator, the court ordered us to work with Linda Schofel. Ms. Schofel has been a compassionate and caring professional who has helped us learn to listen to each other and who has guided us through a difficult time for myself and my children. I highly recommend Ms. Schofel to help any family through the painful experience of divorce and child custody.

— Client 09/08/2012

5.0 / 5.0

Ms. Schofel is fair, courteous, intuitive, experienced and extremely honest. We required her services as a parenting coordinator, and she had to be unbiased and fair. We didn't always like what she suggested, but we could se what she was trying to accomplish. Unfortunately the other party was not willing to work along with the process, so we had to stop utilizing her services. Anyone looking for an outstanding and knowledgable lawyer in family practice, look no further, you've found a winner

— Client 11/04/2010

2.5 / 5.0

Things are worse with my ex since seeing ms Schofel. she glosses over relevant information in an attempt to make things look better on paper. She is very nice but she misses the point of many of the issues and tries to simplify things to the point that nothing gets accomplished.

— Client 12/31/2015

2.4 / 5.0
2012-04-17 08:24:33

No description provided

— Peer 04/17/2012

1.5 / 5.0

Nice lady but first meeting she will show you her resume and get you to sign retainer. Once the retainer is signed, her billing starts. If she thinks about you, it will be on the bill. She was probably good in her days but now wants to work part time and bill her clients full time. Be careful with Linda

— Client 04/20/2018

1.5 / 5.0

Condescending, ineffective, lackluster, poor communicator, overpriced. Passed my case on to a younger member of the firm without my consent. Had to negotiate my own divorce settlement because they were getting me nowhere.

— Client 08/13/2017

1.5 / 5.0

Extremely expensive for simple prenuptial agreement. Failed to complete the prenuptial within a reasonable 5 month period of time, then charged more for emails and texts asking why he was not working on the prenuptial.

— Client 12/08/2011

1.0 / 5.0

Ms. Schofel is very unfair, biased, inexperienced and dishonest. She is taking one-sided approach. We used her services as a parenting coordinator for almost two years. Her recommendations led to complete disaster for our children. We had to drop her as her services were inefficient. Do not waste your time and money by hiring Ms. Schofel !!!

— Client 11/26/2011

1.0 / 5.0

No description provided

— Client 08/05/2010