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Newman, McDonough, Schofel & Giger, P.C. serves clients throughout Northern and Central New Jersey. Offices are conveniently located and easily accessible from areas in Bergen, Hudson, Hunterdon, Essex, Union, Morris, Middlesex, Monmouth, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex and Warren Counties.

New Jersey Law Firm a Recognized Leader in Parenting Coordination, Child Advocacy

Roseland attorneys  protect children from becoming casualties of divorce

At Newman, McDonough, Schofel & Giger, P.C., we help parents resolve post-divorce parenting conflicts with a view toward promoting children's safety and emotional well-being. We also champion the rights of children in court. From our office in Roseland, we have served clients throughout northern and central New Jersey since 1978. When you entrust your case to our care, you can rely on us to work tirelessly to obtain the best possible outcome for your family.

Promoting joint solutions to parental responsibilities

It's always better for a child to see their parents getting along rather than fighting. Partner Linda Schofel has a long record of accomplishment as a parenting coordinator, using dispute resolution tools to forge parenting plans focused on children's welfare. Whether the spouses engage in a contested or an uncontested divorce, disagreements about child custody and visitation often arise. We are capable of developing plans covering all situations, including when paternity is disputed or when same-sex divorce is involved. No matter how complex the issues presented, we are committed to fostering workable arrangements based on mutual respect.

Representing children’s best interests in court

Partner Linda Schofel frequently serves as a family court-appointed guardian ad litem, whose role is to advocate for a child's best interests during custody disputes. A guardian’s functions include:

  • Evaluation of pertinent information — We review testimonial and documentary evidence relevant to what is best for the child, petitioning the court to gain access to materials as needed.
  • Contact with key individuals — We obtain medical and other professional advice when useful to help with the court's evaluation of the child's welfare.
  • Court appearances — We represent children at hearings and trials, arguing motions for needed relief such as an order of protection when the child’s safety is in jeopardy.

As guardian ad litem, we perform each task with the appropriate sensitivity to the effect of court proceedings on children whose lives have been thrown into tumult.

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