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Newman, McDonough, Schofel & Giger, P.C. serves clients throughout Northern and Central New Jersey. Offices are conveniently located and easily accessible from areas in Bergen, Hudson, Hunterdon, Essex, Union, Morris, Middlesex, Monmouth, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex and Warren Counties.

Whether you are anticipating marriage, experiencing marital conflict or addressing issues after a divorce, Newman, McDonough, Schofel & Giger, P.C. can help. Our attorneys have served families for many years in all areas of family law: 

Divorce/dissolution of marriage       

Child Custody--Issues involving the children are of paramount importance.  Please see our discussion concerning our ability to serve you with regard to this significant area of law - Read more 

Child Support and related matters--The attorneys of NMSG will assist you in identifying your specific requirements and expectations with regard to the care and support of your children.  If additional expertise are needed in the form of parenting coordination or counseling, we will assist you in choosing the best professionals for the intervention.  Issues that will be discussed and thoroughly addressed may include:

  • Child support and modification
  • Parenting time/visitation    
  • Relocation
  • Emancipation

Alimony/spousal support--Establishing a fair amount of support requires consideration of numerous factors which we will discuss and carefully analyze with you so as to arrive at an amount that has merit.

  • Modification
  • Cohabitation
  • Voluntary Retirement
  • Involuntary termination of employment

Equitable distribution of assets–Achieving an appropriate division of  property accumulated during the marriage involves identifying what is marital property, valuing the property and properly apportioning that value to each party.  It is a process that can be straightforward, but may be complex and require the involvement of accounting experts and appraisers and other professionals.   

Means of Dispute Resolution

There are various means by which issues between two parties to a divorce can be resolved.  The attorneys at Newman, McDonough, Schofel & Giger, P.C. have decades of experience in all of them, including:

Litigation and judicial intervention--All of the attorneys at Newman, McDonough, Schofel & Giger, P.C. are skilled litigator ready and able to vigorously represent your interests in court. 

Mediation--If two parties consent, a mediator may be chosen to hear their issues and provide recommendations.  Mediators do not decide, they propose.  This firm has worked with dozens of mediators and understands the process thoroughly.

Arbitration--The decisions of arbitrators are, unless highly flawed, legally binding. Accordingly, as an alternative to court, parties may wish to agree to arbitration to resolve their issues.  This firm will help you every step of the way, including deciding whether your situation will benefit from arbitration, choosing an arbitrator and presenting and arguing your case. 

Collaborative Law--Cooperating toward a fair resolution of the end of your marriage in a manner that encourages both parties to put aside any acrimony and work toward a just and reasonable outcome may be the way you and your partner are prepared to proceed.  In this event, we will be delighted to assist in the process so as to achieve a result that is fair to you while considerate of the concerns of others.  

Matters other than Divorce or Dissolution

Sometimes, issues other than divorce or dissolution may arise.  This firm has extensive experience in: 

Marital Settlement Agreements--The negotiation and preparation of a Marital Settlement Agreement is a common means of resolving issues and memorializing the promises made by each party.  Having someone help you identify issues, devise solutions and draft the language that fairly expresses the promises and expectations of the parties is important.  This firm has the attorneys to help you do just that.

Family Law Appeals--Sometimes judges rule in a manner that you may believe to be in error. In those limited but significant instances where it would be in your interest to appeal from such a decision, this firm has the attorneys to file and argue such an appeal.  Two of our matters have reached the Supreme Court of New Jersey and Ms. Juliano-Giger was featured on the cover of New Jersey Lawyer for 2008 in connection with her Supreme Court argument in Devaney v. L’Esperance.

Premarital/Prenuptial Agreements--Protection of wealth or protection of one’s rights when faced with a request to execute a prenuptial agreement are sensitive matters. This firm has negotiated numerous premarital agreements.  

Palimony--Nontraditional partnerships may lead to nontraditional claims.  Whether you are challenged with a claim for compensation arising out of a relationship other than marriage, or believe you are entitled to recompense due to your involvement with another person, we can assist in evaluating your situation and taking the appropriate steps to protect your rights.

Grandparent visitation--Grandparents may have rights and we can assist in navigating them.

Domestic violence matters--Issues arising out of claims of domestic violence are inherently volatile and potentially explosive.  Our attorneys have the strength and maturity to calm the waters and assist in the process of resolution in a manner that promotes the safety and rights of all concerned.

Parenting coordination/Guardian ad litem--Linda Schofel is a recognized leader in parenting coordination.  Any parents would be fortunate to have impressive experience, as detailed on this website, brought to bear on their parenting issues.


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